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Zendaya Teaches Major Designers a Lesson For Declining to Dress Her


A young fashion staple in her own right, actress Zendaya hasn’t had the assistance of big name brands during her rise to fashionista stardom.

The reason, according to her stylist Law Roach, has to do with the fact that such labels didn’t want to style her at the beginning.

“I built my career and Zendaya’s career on not using any big brands at all,” Roach tells Vanity Fair during a stylists roundtable. “I’ll tell you why. Because in the beginning, they wouldn’t touch her. They wouldn’t dress her, they wouldn’t dress her.

“Zendaya made it to the cover of Vogue, she has never worn Valentino, Gucci she has never worn Chanel,” he continues. “She only wore Dolce when she got a Dolce campaign. We built that girl’s career and my career using smaller brands and emerging designers to prove a point that it can happen.
“What it is, it’s a big f— you because we all know, these [public relations people] they want to bring someone to you because, ‘Oh, she can get her in Valentino.’ But what I wanted to prove [is that] she doesn’t have to be in Valentino to become a fashion girl. … So, now that they want to dress her, I go back and say, ‘Not this season.’
He added that when a celebrity’s star rises once they go to Paris designers they say, “I love her, how come I’ve never dressed her?”
Zendaya, who he said is a 6’0, size zero stunner  “eats everyone under the table.” “So now that everybody wants to dress her, I go back and say ‘No, thank you.’”
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