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Whoopi Goldberg Has a Message for Cynthia Nixon and Anyone Else Running for Office In NYC 

“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon’s announcement of candidacy for governor of New York is causing quite a stir. Namely over her qualifications, which the ladies of “The View” addressed head-on.

Sunny Hostin kicked things off with a swipe at Nixon’s character Miranda Hobbes from the famed comedy series, “Just because you played a Harvard educated lawyer on TV doesn’t make you qualified to be governor of New York.” She continued, “Haven’t we already seen how someone that’s unqualified can’t govern the United States?”

Whoopi, while concerned about Nixon’s lack of qualifications was more concerned about the city’s use of resources. She argued, “We have 900 places you can get bicycles. They put those bicycle things up in 14 minutes. But you can’t find time or money to clear the mold in the projects. See, I hold everyone accountable. That’s what I want to hear out from somebody who wants to run the state, this state, or this city.”

Whoopi’s frustration reached a peak. She exclaimed, “The state of New York gave the money to the city of New Yor…I don’t know where the money went but I’m a little pissed about it! This is basically saying to people, ‘We don’t care.’ And this is New York City and we do care!” She issued a final message to current NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and Nixon, ‘Help us figure out how to get the mold out of the projects.”

Watch the full clip above.

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