Isaiah Washington Confirms Mo’Nique’s Claims of Racism at ABC, Shonda Rhimes Issues Shocking Response

After Mo’Nique came forward with emails proclaiming Isaiah Washington’s firing from “Grey’s Anatomy” stemmed from a false story, the actor himself is confirming his friend’s report.

The “Queens of Comedy” star read an email from former ABC attorney Kim Clayton Hershman Thursday, March 15, which was sent to the channel’s executive vice president Howard Davine. Hershman alleged ABC “threw Isaiah Washington under the bus” for co-star Patrick Dempsey and that there were “misconceptions” about the Dr. Preston Burke portrayer’s work “due to the incorrect” information given surrounding his exit from the long-running ABC show.

Because of that, the email said, the network refused to hire Washington for its 2016 series “The Catch.”

Mo’Nique later released the emails in full on Instagram on Monday, March 19.

“I just had an hour conversation with Shonda Rhimes,” Washington tells TMZ Wednesday, March 21 of his former “Grey’s” boss. “She says, I quote, she ‘has really nothing good to say about ABC or Howard Divine and his racist, biased behavior.'”

He added that Rhimes believes Divine should be “thoroughly investigated.” Washington hopes the Time’s Up anti-harassment organization and civil rights activists go after the VP, whom Washington said he didn’t know of until he was told by a whistleblower.

“How dare he speak ill of me when I have been able to carve out a minute sense of working after he made the decision to throw me under the bus according to one of his own employees,” Washington says, speaking to the blackballed status Mo’Nique mentioned on her podcast.

“His livelihood was snatched,” she said.


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