Don Lemon Is Completely Over Trump’s Disgraceful Behavior ‘Is This Really Happening?’

CNN host Don Lemon is reaching his boiling point with Donald Trump’s presidency, as he marveled over the president’s countless alleged love affairs.

President Trump has been making headlines for his ongoing scandal with adult film star Stormy Daniels and now two other women are ready to come forward with their story.

Lemon has made it clear he’s no ‘Trump’ fan, but on Tuesday’s segment of “CNN Tonight”, the news anchor was puzzled by a stream of the president’s improper actions.

“President Trump facing lawsuits tonight from three women, a porn star, a playboy model, and a reality TV star, three different cases over his alleged relationship with three different women,” Lemon said in exasperation. “I mean, this is where we are right now.”

After the CNN host read Daniels’ tweet where she accused Trump of bullying her, Lemon paused for a moment and asked, “Is this really happening?”

“The president may really have met his match in Stormy Daniels… Even for a president who’s no stranger to depositions or lawsuits, this is a lot,” Lemon added after reading two new claims of sexual misconduct against Trump.

Lemon also touched on the topic of the president reportedly ignoring the advice of his national security advisers on not congratulating Russian dictator Vladimir Putin for winning the “rigged” Russia election.

“But apparently a president who loves nothing more than to talk about his own electoral college triumph just couldn’t keep himself from congratulating the Russian dictator on his victory,” Lemon sarcastically stated.

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