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‘”Black Panther” Animation Makes a Come Back after Film’s Box Office Success


“Black Panther” comic series didn’t make its first appearance on the big screen with Disney, many fans remember the animation series on BET. Since the box office success, Marvel has decided to reboot the series and stream it on YouTube for free.

The “Black Panther” comic animation series played on BET in 2011. In the 6 episodes, it followed character T’challa taking the thrown in Wakanda and dealing with jealousy in his kingdom after his father is killed. He had to defend his throne and country against show’s antagonist Klaw.

The show featured the voices of actress Kerry Washington as Princess Shuri and Jill Scott as Storm.

Fans react to the 6, 22 minute long episodes available free on Youtube.

“This is how I learned about Black Panther in the First place. Years ago on BET.”

“BET needs a straight Saturday morning cartoon lineup of black cartoons”

“glad BET did this please make more episodes”

“it’s been years since i’ve seen this, so glad for reposting this”


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