Toni Braxton Dishes on New Tour, Tamar’s Hair Cut and Moment She Knew Birdman Was the One

Seven-time Grammy Award winner Toni Braxton stopped by WBLS to drop some tea on her engagement to Birdman, Tamar’s haircut and her new album. The R&B sensation also dropped the news that the Braxton sisters are going on tour as a group. If you’ve watched “Braxton Family Values” you’ve noticed that the sisters, except Towanda, have each launched a solo career. Tamar, excited about the news, said, “we’re going on a tour, everybody.”

Toni spoke candidly about the moment she knew Birdman was the one. “It was the fall of 2016…I had a really bad Lupus flare and I was trying to go on tour…he (Birdman) said ‘ T I don’t like it when you are sick like this. Why you doing this show? You should cancel it.'” She said then realized then his heart when he didn’t leave her side for the entire tour. “Oh my God he’s such a great guy, and that’s how I started looking at him differently.”

As far as Tamar’s drastic haircut, Toni said Tamar called her before she cut it and said “‘T I need a break. I’m tired of the wigs and tired of the weave. I’m gonna cut all this negative energy out of my life.’ I was like OK.”

Toni’s new album “Sex and Cigarettes” drops on March 23 with “Braxton Family Values” premiering the night before.  The sisters hit the stage in May.  Braxton girl group made several hits together back in the day “Good Life”, “So Many Ways” and “The Boss.”

Fans are in love with the Braxton sisters and can’t wait for the tour.


“Wow been waiting for this for so long this gone be epic 💖😍😫🙌🏾😭”

“And I will be purchasing my tickets💛💜🖤👄💋💄”

“Yes please I’m definitely going!!! Please please go on tour”

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