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Don King Explains Why He Supports Trump and Why Every American Should Do the Same

Legendary boxing promoter Don King is known for his controversial comments in and out of the boxing ring. On Friday, March 16, King visited Fox Business Network and had a lively if not strange conversation with Charles V Payne.

As an avid Trump supporter King noted that the president has received a lot of flack and is being used as a scapegoat. “No one has carried the type of lightning rod activities since the 13 colonies wrote a letter to King George saying they wanted to discharge so they can be eliminated and independent Americans,” King said.

He continued, “everyone agrees that the system is corrupt, the GOP, the Dems, the Independents, the atheists, all agree that the system is corrupt. But only one man had the guts, the intestinal fortitude to challenge the system.”

King even compared Trump to Gideon in the Bible who is known as a “hero of faith.” Adding, “Everyone is in shock and disarray because he is not what they would consider to be a president. Yet when God touched him as he did Gideon, he is now the president of the United States.”

Flanked in a jeweled jean jacket with Trump’s face on it, King claims that the system put out a mandate to destroy the president and his family. “Donald Trump white, blonde, blue-eyed, rich is what the system was created for. He foresaked this system because of his love for the American people.”

Watch the interaction above.


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