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Top 5 Stories You Missed Over the Weekend

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Police Investigate Multiple Bombings in Austin: Authorities revealed the weekend bombings in Autin may have been triggered by a trip wire. This is the fourth blast in the city in a little over two weeks. Officers are “working under the belief” that all four bombings are connected.  A total of two people have been killed and two others wounded.

Wendy Williams Returns to Her Talk Show: Wendy Williams took a temporary leave to take care of health concerns. She revealed to her audience that she struggles with Graves Disease and Thyroid Disease. Today, Monday, March 19. is her first day back.

Beyonce Receives Humanitarian Award at Wearable Art Gala: Hosted by her mother Tina Knowles and husband Richard Lawson, Beyonce received the Humanitarian Award. Beyonce said, “I try to keep my charitable work quiet because I feel like these things should come from the goodness of your heart and nothing orchestrated as a campaign.” Former First Lady Michelle Obama had kind words for the singer. “I love you, I am inspired by you. I’m so honored and proud of everything that you have achieved and everything that you have contributed to our country and our world.”

“Black Panther” Becomes the 7th Film to Cross the $600M Mark in U.S History: Black Panther is also the second-fastest grossing movie in history behind only”The Force Awakens,” which recorded $840M in its first month. “BlackPanther” grossed $605M in its first month and has been the number one film in theaters for 4 consecutive weeks.

Nelly’s Accuser Wants Defamation Case Dropped: Rapper Nelly’s accuser Monique Greene, said Nelly should drop the defamation case because her story is true. Greene accused Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson of, “further his defamation campaign.”

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