‘Black Panther’ Kid Actor Daily Salary Revealed

Seth Carr

Seth Carr (Getty/ Marvel Studios)

The excitement continues about the riveting and top grossing film “Black Panther” and the success of its cast members, including the child-version of villain “Killmonger” who reportedly racked up a large sum of ‘moolah’ daily.

Seth Carr, 10 years old, reportedly banked a total of $1,000 per day on set during the production Marvel film, according to his contract obtained by TMZ.

The Carr’s paycheck equated to at least $7,654 along with future residuals from the film. However, it’s not clear as to how many days the 10-year-old’ actually worked on the movie. The young actor is seen at the very beginning of “Black Panther” during a flashback scene that Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) has of his father being murdered.

Carr also stars in the upcoming thriller “Breaking In” with award-winning actress Gabrielle Union. He’s made previous debuts in shows “Bosch” and “Knight Squad”.


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