70-Year-Old Man Unleashes Racist Tirade on Black Flight Attendant; Forced Off Flight 

A 70-year-old man was kicked off a flight after unleashing on a Black flight attendant.

The man had been flying on Spanish airline Binter Canarias when he reportedly said to the staffer, “I don’t want Blacks around me,” according to a Thursday, March 15 El Pais report via SFGate.

The captain ultimately asked the man to leave the plane, which he refused to do. That led security to come on board, which was captured on video and posted on social media. And after an objection, the man finally left.

The incident, which led to a 20-minute delay, reportedly followed other racial abuse that the man spouted at the flight attendant before he boarded the plane, according to the Daily Mirror. The paper also reported the plane was due to fly to La Palma island from North Tenerife Airport.

Binter Canarias, which has filed a complaint against the man for “racial abuse,” released the following after the incident.

“From Binter we want to express our utmost rejection and outrage at behaviors of this type and show our full support to our crews who constantly strive to provide the best service to our customers.”

It also retweeted support for the flight attendant.

“All my support for the stewardess @BinterCanarias who suffered a racist attack,” one Twitter user said. “Indignation that in the century in which we live these situations continue to live. Even when!!!!”

“All my support to the hostess of a Chilean in Nigeria, amazing that even this happens. Good for you as an airline to not let go of situations such as happened,” said another.

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