Native American Woman Sentenced to 45 Days For Assault Against Black Neighbor 

A Native American woman in Portland, Oregon has been found guilty after hitting a neighbor in the head with a bottle and yelling racial slurs at the neighbor’s children.

58-year-old Brenda Mae Glenn was sentenced to 45 days in jail for the violent incident that occurred in September 2016.

Tierra Dizer’s little boys, 11 and 4, were playing outside of their apartment complex when Glenn began calling the young boys “n***ers” & “bastards”, which police officials confirmed. She was clearly drunk and deranged at the time of the event.

The 58-year-old woman was confronted by Dizer and another neighbor about the racial slurs spewed at the children. Glenn became defensive and struck the mother in the head with a reusable shopping bag containing a beer bottle inside. The blow caused a lump to form on Dizer’s head.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Jerry Hodson found the racist woman guilty of felony assault and a misdemeanor of disorderly conduct The Oregon reports.

Judge Hodson told Glenn that her atrocious behavior and hurtful words could have a lasting impact on her victims.

“They welcomed you into the community,” Hodson said during sentencing. “You treated them in a disrespectful (way) and one of the lowest ways possible. … There’s no place for that sort of conduct in our society.”

Glenn is sentenced to two years of probation, 32 hours of community service and assessments for her drug, alcohol and mental illnesses.

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