Oregon Woman Accused of Shouting Racial Expletives at 4-Year-Old, Bashing Mother In Head with Beer Bottle

Racist Oregon Woman

Brenda Mae Glenn could face jail time for assaulting a woman with a beer bottle.(Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office)

An Oregon woman is facing jail time after authorities say she shouted the n-word at neighborhood children, then assaulted their mother with a beer bottle.

Prosecutors say two African-American boys, ages 4 and 11, were playing in the courtyard of a local apartment complex when neighbor Brenda Mae Glenn, 54, began hurling racial slurs at them. While it’s not a crime in Oregon to call someone the n-word, it’s what Glenn did next that landed her in court last month.

The Oregonian reported that when the children’s mother confronted her about the hateful language, Glenn struck the woman in the head with a 40 oz. beer bottle. The mom, Tierra Dizer suffered a large knot on her forehead, according to authorities at the scene.

The incident unfolded on Sept. 18, 2016, after neighbors reported seeing Glenn drinking and repeatedly shouting the n-word. She was also heard calling the two boys “bastards,” prosecutors said. Ola Mae Keyes, a 68-year-old neighbor, eventually called the cops and went with the boys’ mother to confront Glenn.

Keyes testified that the woman pushed her, scratching her in the process. She said Glenn also swung a bag holding a large beer bottle at Dizer’s head, causing the lump.

A judge found Glenn guilty of fourth-degree assault because the attack took place in front of Dizer’s 4-year-old child, as well as misdemeanor second-degree disorderly conduct, The Oregonian reported.

Prosecutors tried to argue the attack was a hate crime, but defense attorney Brad Kalbaugh contended there was no proof his client’s assault against the mother was racially motivated, as her racist taunts were only directed at her two children. The judge later dismissed those charges.

Glenn, who’s described as Native American, has since moved from the apartment complex. She failed to appear for her sentencing hearing on Feb. 22, however. A warrant has since been issued for her arrest.

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