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Coincidence? Chicago Cops Arrest Single Black Teen at Student Walkout Against Gun Violence

Kenwood Academy Walkout

Chicago police arrested student Aminah Glenn, 16, for “disrupting traffic” during a student protest on Wednesday, March 16. (Photo by Gabriel Piemonte)

A Chicago high school walkout against gun violence was interrupted Wednesday after police arrested a single teen out of a large group of students for walking into a busy road.

Pete Grieve, editor-in-chief for the University of Chicago’s “Chicago Maroon” student paper,  shared footage of Kenwood Academy junior Aminah Glenn being led away in handcuffs by the cops. Her classmates weren’t far behind, asking authorities why their friend was being detained.

“What did she do?,” one student asked as officers led Glenn away. Grieve posted a video of her arrest to his Twitter page but later removed it at Glenn’s request.

Following the student’s arrest, fellow Kenwood Academy student Simone Iroegbu informed Grieve that they wouldn’t be returning to school until they knew what was happening with Glenn. Classmates made calls to Chicago police, Iroegbu said, and were arranging for legal representation for Glenn prior to her release later that day.

The junior was reportedly arrested for “disrupting traffic” and “reckless conduct” when she walked onto the busy road at Lake Shore Drive, according to a statement from Chicago PD. However, classmates found it suspicious that she was the only teen detained when several students had walked into the busy road as well.

Another teen was also cuffed during the protest but officers ultimately let him go, Greive tweeted.

Another reporter, Elizabeth King, later learned that the charges against Glenn were dropped. All Kenwood Academy students made it back to school safely.

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