SNL Reveals Hilarious ‘Black Panther’ Deleted Scene

Sterling K. Brown visited SNL and joined in on some of the sketches on the show. One of the sketches was a parody of a deleted scene from “Black Panther.” The sketch even had the actors laughing.

In the fake scene, T’Challa is in¬†Djalia the ancestor realm. Brown plays T’Challa’s great-great-grandfather T’Cana who explains to him that all his ancestors exist in Djalia. Then he is introduced to his not so enlightened and royal ancestor Uncle M’Batu played by Kenan Thompson.

M’Batu explains he died after trying to convince his wife, who is one of the female warriors, to wear a wig. M’Batu said, while flipping burgers on a grill, “The other night I simply suggested, ‘hey maybe you should wear a wig..just to be playful.'” He continued, “I said ‘damn woman, I’m tired of making love to Michael Jordan’ That’s the last thing I remember.”

M’Batu then encourages T’Cana to try his burger which is made out of lion’s meat. He bites into it and then spits it out because it’s still cold. The screen pans over to Brown and Leslie Jones who is holding back laughter.

T’Cana then attempts to give T’Challa advise on an impending war while M’Batu tries to stuff the lion burger in his mouth.

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