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Oprah Winfrey Shares the Only Way She Would Agree to a Meeting with Donald Trump

Oprah stopped by “The Van Jones Show” and offered advice for anyone planning to run for office. “Do not give your energy to the other side, do not spend your time talking about your opponents.” She continued, “Do not give you energy to that which you don’t believe in. Don’t spend an ounce of time on that.”

Oprah talked a little about how tragic issues bring out the best in people. She then discussed the good and bad in the world in reference to the Parkland shooting. “We are on a planet where there is darkness and light.” Then she advised protestors and activists to plan and be strategic. “You can’t just go down there and march, there’s a strategy.” She used civil rights leader Rosa Parks as an example. “By the time Rosa Parks sat down on that bus, they had been planning that for a very long time.” She continued, “that was a strategic thing that happened there.”

Jones also asked the media mogul what she would say if she had a face to face with Donald Trump-without the cameras. O responded,” I wouldn’t only speak if I felt I could be heard.”


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