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Kobe Bryant Reveals the One Thing He Didn’t Have Time To Say at Oscars

Kobe Bryant visited Jimmy Kimmel, and he shared his joy in receiving his first Oscar. Bryant spoke about lack of diversity and being the first African-American to win an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film.

The championship basketball player said, “this is a fascinating industry to be apart do I carry this night (the night he won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film) beyond this night.” He then spoke about his commitment to the industry. “There’s a greater sense of responsibility. How do I create? How do I provide more opportunities for even more diverse and new voices to be heard in this industry?”

The Oscar-winner spoke out about the lack of representation in the animated industry.  “In the animation business, there’s a serious lack of diversity.” He then revealed, “when I won the award the other night I was the first African- American to win that award in that category.”

The former Lakers player then said, “I’m extremely excited to push that (diversity) forward.”


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