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South Koreans Give Brutally Honest Opinions on Marvel’s ‘Black Panther’


It’s been less than a month since Marvel’s “Black Panther” hit theaters and the blockbuster film has already grossed $909 million at the global box office, showing no signs of slowing down.

Black Panther-mania has reached as far and wide as South Korea, where it remains a top film at the nation’s box office and is its second highest-grossing market outside the United States, according to The Asian country was also prominently featured in the film.

Online media outlet Asian Boss took to the streets to ask young South Koreans what they thought of “Black Panther,” and their responses got pretty interesting. The 12-minute clip highlights viewers’ thoughts on the film’s all-Black cast and its role of challenging negative stereotypes about Black folks in the country and across the world.

Some responses were lighthearted remarks about how attractive the cast members were while others were more critical and addressed discrimination and Western storytelling. Some said they felt the film didn’t live up to their expectations while others said they loved every minute of the action-packed flick.

“Before, the average Korean’s perception of black people was not very good, because we learned from our history books that they were slaves,” one interviewee commented. “Now we perceive them as cool and hip, you know, very free-spirited and expressive, which is great.”

Check out more of the reactions above.

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