Actor Explains Why Ice T Slapped him Over 10 Times

Actor Michael Mosley is making headlines as he prepares to star in Netflix’s new show “Seven Seconds.” The show centers around a white police officer covering up details after he kills a black boy on a bike. Back in 2002, the actor was featured in “Law and Order: SVU” and had an unforgettable scene where he was slapped several times by rapper Ice T.

Mosley told Hiphopdx that he was in the opening scene of the episode where he “was supposed play this junkie who’s nodding off, and the scene opens with (Ice T) smacking me across the face like ‘Wake up.’ “We do a little rehearsal and then the director calls ‘action’ and this guy hits me so hard across the side of my face. He’s got a paw like a hubcap, and he just knocks me and the lines just go out my ear.”

Then he explained how he had to restrain himself while being slapped. Mosley said, “It was probably at least 12 takes, and he just keeps hitting me, hitting me, hitting me and it’s getting harder and harder for me to maintain.”

To add injury to insult, the scene was cut out of the episode.

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