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Why Kandi Burruss Says She Receives More Royalty Than Initially Discussed From Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”

“Atlanta Housewives” star and Grammy winner Kandi Burruss stopped by and chatted with Bravo’s Andy Cohen. Kandi spilled the beans about her deal with Ed Sheeran for his hit song “Shape of You” that sounds similar to TLC’s “No Scrubs” which she & Tameka “Tiny” Harris wrote.

According to Burruss, Sheeran made contact with her company before he released the song. He informed them that he sampled the “No Scrubs” in his new song. “My attorney and their (ED Sheeran and his team) attorney started the conversation of what percentage he was even going to give us.”

She said a deal was never reached until after the song was released. “No conversations happened for a while and I just thought ‘oh ok well I guess he’s not going to use the song. And then next thing you know it’s on the radio.”

Burruss ended negotiating for more than the original asking price since the song was already released. “We didn’t get go too crazy with it but, we got more than what we initially discussed.”


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