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Daniel Kaluuya’s Oscar Glow Best Commercial for Fenty Beauty Cosmetics

Actor Daniel Kaluuya wows everyone on the Oscars Red Carpet with his flawless skin achieved by Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation. Fenty Beauty known for being praised for inclusivity with the 40 shades. Fenty Beauty tweets out Kaluuya’s shades, “Oscars ready with Daniel Kaluuya .#PROFILTR Foundation in #480 & #490 Makeup by @Ber__Amos.”

The cosmetic line also shared the image on their instagram with a caption that said “fentybeauty Who said men don’t use #FENTYBEAUTY?!😏 | #PROFILTRFoundation in 480 and 490 | Grooming by @ber_amos | #oscars #blackpanthermovie#getout #oscars2018.”

Fans fell in love with Kaluuya’s flawless skin with Fenty Beauty and they even pointed out that the make-up didn’t smudge when he hugged Jordan Peele.


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