Boxer Anthony Joshua’s Comments On How He Raises His Son Versus His Niece Comes Back to Haunt Him

Anthony Joshua
British boxer Anthony Joshua admitted that he was more strict with his niece because he’s rearing her to be a “good woman.” (Image courtesy of The Independent)

World heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua is under scrutiny this week over comments he made during a 2017 interview where he explained why he’s more “strict” with his niece compared to his son.

Speaking with British GQ, Joshua admitted he isn’t as tough on his son Joseph but is definitely more stringent when it comes to rearing his niece.

“I think it’s because she’s older, but also he’s a boy,” he told the magazine. “He’s going to be a man’s man, he’ll want to spread his wings, be a Jack-the-lad, build his character. But I’m sure there are things I’ll be strict about.”

“But with my niece, there’s none of that Jack-the-lad nonsense for her,” Joshua continued. “My view is, you have to be a good woman, respectful. One day you’ll be someone’s wife – you have to learn family morals [and] what it is to be a “good woman.”

The boxer’s comments drew swift criticism from many on social media, namely actress Kelechi Okafor, who blasted Joshua for denying his niece the right to build her own character.

Others also chimed in on the matter.

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