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Hypocritical Fans Slam British Boxer for Praying In Mosque, Likely Mourned Ali’s Death

British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua (@SkySportsBoxing/Twitter)

Boxing champion Anthony Joshua was targeted by conservative sports fans after he tweeted a photo of himself praying in a mosque, leading many to point out their hypocrisy for adoring Muhammad Ali.

Joshua, a British heavyweight fighter, had been vacationing in Dubai with family and friends before he was due back at training camp.

In an image posted Tuesday, Jan. 17, the athlete credited prayer for his success, which includes an 18-match winning streak, in addition to “luck, hard work and talent.”

Many conservative boxing fans lashed out at the fighter.

The backlash led other fans to take up for Joshua, pointing out others’ hypocrisy since many of them praised Ali even as they shun the 6’6″ Brit.

Muhammad Ali, who would have been 75 years old the day Joshua posted his tweet, was a champion boxer with a record of 56 wins, six losses and 37 knockouts. He also was committed to his faith. Ali joined the Nation of Islam in 1964 and changed his name from Cassius Clay to his famous moniker. Under the religion, Ali sought the guidance of Malcolm X and aligned himself with Black causes like promoting self-fulfillment, since Islam focuses on Black empowerment, according to Atlanta Black Star.

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