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Condoleeza Rice’s Explanation on Why She Doesn’t Support Gun Registration May Surprise You


Condoleeza Rice is weighing in on the gun control debate and while she supports the second amendment, she doesn’t think civilians should have assault weapons.

Rice explained her stance on “The View” Thursday, March 1, by retelling a story of growing up in Jim Crow Alabama.

“I was a little girl growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, in the late ’50s, early ’60s,” she says. “There was no way that [then-public safety commissioner] Bull Connor and the Birmingham police were gonna protect you. And so when White Knight Riders would come through our neighborhood, my father and his friends would take their guns and they’d go to the head of the neighborhood — it’s a little cul-de-sac — and they would fire in the air, if anybody came through.

“I don’t think they actually ever hit anybody,” she goes on. “But they protected the neighborhood. And I’m sure if Bull Connor had known where those guns were he would have rounded them up. And so, I don’t favor some things like gun registration. That said, it’s time to have a national conversation about how we can deal with the problems we have. It’s not going to be any single fix to the terrible events at Parkland, Fla.”

The former Secretary of State referred to the Wednesday, Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that resulted in 17 deaths after 19-year-old ex-student Nikolas Cruz allegedly opened fire using an AR-15.

Rice then posed questions that legislators will have to decide on, like if civilians should have access to military-grade weapons and the age at which such guns can be bought.

“We also need to realize that if you get that many tips about somebody that’s going to cause harm, go and figure out what was going on,” she says.

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