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Fans Want to See ‘Black Panther’s’ Okoye Spear Battle Wonder Woman

okoye wonder woman

Many comic book fans have concluded that Okoye wouldn’t beat Wonder Woman in a fight. (Marvel/DC Comics)

Twitter users have erupted in a debate over which female hero would win in a fight.

The back-and-forth got started after Variety reported that “Bridesmaids” star Kristin Wiig is circling the villain character Cheetah for “Wonder Woman 2.” But with “Black Panther” hype still on the brain, the discussion grew into a debate between a DC Comics superhero and a Marvel heroine.

Both women have their merits. Okoye is a heavily trained guard to T’Challa/Black Panther who fiercely defends her country over everything — including her love, W’Kabi. Super-human strength-wielding Wonder Woman, on the other hand, defended Artemis and lives in a self-sufficient society that is solely occupied by women

With that in mind, Twitter had a lot to say about the showdown between the two.

“Somebody said Wonder Woman would wash Okoye and I. Y’all. I have no words,” tweeted reporter Char Adams Wednesday, Feb. 28. “Y’all saying WW would destroy Okoye because of her powers. Okay, valid. But without her powers, on an even playing field. I think Okoye would win🤷🏾‍♀️.”

“Literally every Black woman on the planet would jump in this fight,” tweeted writer Jamilah Lemieux. “Good luck Wonder Woman.”

The hype made writer Roxane Gay join in on the discussion. As a Marvel writer, Gay knows the ins and outs of “Black Panther,” having written for the “World of Wakanda” comic book series. And according to her, the two women wouldn’t square up at all.

But that didn’t stop Twitter fans from weighing in.


“I’m always down to support Black women in their course of beating up white women,” tweeted a user. “But please don’t get Okoye head bust bc you think Wonder Woman some regular ass Becky.”

“Wonder Woman would push Okoye’s whole scalp back,” said another. “Let’s keep it a g.”

And yet another person echoed those sentiments tweeting, “Y’all know good and well Wonder Woman would beat all of our asses right? She’s a whole Amazon, wtf is wrong with yall😂😂😂😂.”

Such strong support for Okoye over Wonder Woman led to some disapproving memes, too.



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