Big Sean Announces Plans to Build Multiplex In Detroit

There Literally is NOT ONE MOVIE THEATRE IN THE CITY OF DETROIT THAT PLAYS NEW MOVIES, ONLY IN THE SUBURBS!!! Yesterday we took 1,000 kids from a Detroit Public Schools and took them to see Black Panther as a field trip. I think it’s important they see super heroes of all shades and that look like most of them, and support it. I also took that time yesterday to announce I will be opening my own Movie Theatre in the City of Detroit (The Sean Anderson theatre by Emagine @emaginetheatres) because I wanted to show the city and Detroit Public Schools that a kid from DPS that’s the same color as most of them can be a owner and a CEO too and open big business in uncharted territory! This is huge for my city! I wanted to show them face to face that I am opening a theatre just like the one they are sitting in, so they can see Black people being strong and independent and powerful, on and off the screen. I wanted to truly explain how important this is, because the Press releases n sites weren’t understanding the importance of this theatre! THERE CURRENTLY IS NO MOVIE THEATRE IN THE DETROIT THAT PLAYS CURRENT MOVIES. Its overdue for change! MAJOR BOSS UP!

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Rapper Big Sean, born Sean Anderson, is teaming up with Emagine Entertainment to build a cinema multiplex in his hometown of Detroit. The venue will include a theater and auditoriums that can double as performance spaces and more. The “Blessings” rapper told Crain’s Detroit Business, “I feel that it is necessary to build a theater in the city, not only because of the joy and inspiration movies will bring to people’s lives, but I hope this theater will become a hub of creativity — a place for intimate concerts, lectures, meetings, and other events.”

Emagine Entertainment chairmen Paul Glantz agreed, adding that the movie market in Detroit is “underserved”. He continued, “In combining the strength of a local entertainment powerhouse, Big Sean, with the operating prowess of Emagine, the void will be filled in a glorious fashion.”

Details of the partnership were not provided but Big Sean stressed the importance of ownership during a 15-minute press conference held on Wednesday, “I feel like one of the aspirations when you do something creative, like music or any type of business, is to be an owner in something. This is something outside of music that I’m actually an owner in. I think it’s important to show the kids of Detroit, the people of the city, that you actually can be an owner … I hope it’s a good example of bossing up and doing what you will.”

The theater, to be named The Sean Anderson Theatre, powered by Emagine is expected to have upward of 1300 seats as well as 10-12 screens. An exact location in Detroit has not been determined but midtown or downtown are frontrunners. Construction is expected to be completed in 2020.

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