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Twitter Users Catch Feelings After Seeing Spike Lee and Ryan Coogler Bond

A photo perfect moment between directors Ryan Coogler and Spike Lee has Twiter users feeling emotional.

At a recent advanced “Black Panther” screening, 31-year-old director Coogler was a bit distracted by his idol, Lee, sitting in the audience. He admitted as much during a Q&A session at BAM’s Harvey Theater in Brooklyn, N.Y. It was there that he rattled off a list of five of his favorite movies and none other than Lee had two films included.

“‘Malcolm X’ was a big one for me, because I’d never seen a Black man that powerful,” Coogler said of the 1992 biopic according to Indie Wire.

On 1989’s “Do The Right Thing,” Coolger said, “When I wanted to make movies, I wanted to make a movie that felt like home and felt as real as ‘Do the Right Thing.’”

It seems as if the praise may have forged a moment between Coogler and Lee as the two generations of directors shook hands following the panel.

The image had Twitter users gushing.

“When your big bro tells you you’ve done well and you’re trying not to cheese too hard cuz you don’t want him to think you’re getting a big head,” one user imagined of what was going on in the pic.

“Standing on the shoulders of giants! 👑👑,” tweeted another.

“Keep passing the torch,” someone else said.

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