Ryan Coolgler’s Wife Gave Him One of the Most Selfless Gifts and Twitter Can’t Handle It

The gift “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler’s wife got him as his college sweetheart is warming the hearts of Twitter users everywhere.

Back when Coogler was in college playing football and gearing up to fall back on going to medical school if becoming an athlete didn’t work out, a teacher encouraged him to take up screenwriting.

Yet as he told “Ebro In the Morning,” Wednesday, Feb. 14, typing up scripts in Microsoft Word wasn’t the best way to go about it.

“But then my wife [Zinzi Evans], she was my girl at the time, they had a software where you could write screenplays,” he says. “I was trying to write in Microsoft Word. It’s impossible because your format gotta be right. I was broke, playing football on the little scholarship money. And my wife scrapped together some cheese and bought me Final Draft, which is the software that you write your movies on. And she got me that.”

The revelation about his better half had Twitter users in their feelings.

“Ryan Coogler’s wife, Zinzi, bought him his first screenwriting software when they started dating, that’s precious,” a user said.

“Ryan Coogler’s wife buying him Final Draft so he didn’t have to fatigue himself with Microsoft Word any longer is the only ‘goals’ we’ll be discussing,” said another. “Please & thank you.”

“On one side it’s a really sweet story that Ryan Coogler’s wife saved to buy him Final Draft because he couldn’t afford it,” said a different user. “On the other, it’s irritating that Final Draft is still that damn expensive.”

‘Black Panther’ continues to break records. The film has topped $700M.

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