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Student Draws Criticism Over Blackface Post About ‘Black Panther’

As the excitement over Marvel’s “Black Panther” continues, one University of Arkansas student decided to wrongly get in on the action by sporting blackface. And now, the school is investigating.

The white male student poses in what appears to be a black facial mask with the caption, “I hope this offends someone” along with A Wakanda Forever Snapchat filter.

The student apparently followed the post with another reading, “Oh, please. It’s a joke, not a d—; quit taking it so hard.”

Yet several people slammed the blackface post. One student tweeted, “We don’t play these games anymore @UArkansas I hope you plan on addressing this.”

“This is absolutely unacceptable!” someone else tweeted. “@UArkansas @UA4Student what do you plan to do to address this? It is time to do as you say. #ZeroTolerence.”

In response, Arkansas chancellor Joseph Steinmetz tweeted the school “supports an inclusive community today and every day that welcomes and supports a diversity of people, ideas and perspectives. These are the core values we share despite insensitivity displayed by any individual.”

When questioned further, he added, “We are actively addressing it within the framework of our Code of Student Life. Degrading and harassing messages create an environment that does not foster respectful dialogue/positive educational environment & is not acceptable at the UA.”

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