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Jimmy Kimmel Found All the Black Folks Who Haven’t Watched ‘Black Panther’ to Ask Them About the Crisis In Wakanda

People are still raving about “Black Panther” which has grossed a whopping 700 million so far in box offices worldwide. Jimmy Kimmel made the film the topic of his hilarious skit “Lie Witness News.” Kimmel’s staff asked random people, many of whom were Black and obviously never heard of the global Phenomenon that is “Black Panther,” to give their thoughts on the fake crisis happening in the fictional country of “Wakanda”.

On the episode that aired Friday, a man was asked, “What are people saying about the crisis in Wakanda?” The gentleman replied with a straight face, “They’re saying it’s a big catastrophe, it’s a lot of bad things over there.”

One man seemed confident that American troops had a valid reason to be present in Wakanda. “I think we need a strong presence there. If they’re in Wakanda, they have a reason to be there.”

The funniest part came at the end when a white woman was asked if a film was made about Wakanda would people want to see it. Let’s just say “Black Panther” is having the last laugh.

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