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White Folks Are Begging for a ‘White History Month’ — Again

White History Month

A plurality of respondents who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election said they favored the idea of a white history month. (AP Photo)

It’s that time of year again when the celebratory occasion that is Black History Month is tarnished by calls from closet racists for a so-called “white history month.”

A recent study by Public Policy Polling revealed that it’s none other than citizens who voted for President Donald Trump who are pushing for “equal representation” regarding cultural history months.

Participants of a national survey of registered voters were asked if they had a favorable, or unfavorable view of Black History Month, followed by a question asking if there should be a white history month. In all, 57 percent of respondents favored Black History Month compared to just 18 percent who opposed it.

When the responses were broken down by self-reported 2016 presidential voting, however, a vastly different picture emerged. BHM was viewed favorably 75-10 by Clinton voters but just 38-25 among Trump’s voters, “likely because it exacerbates their economic anxiety,” according to the report. Meanwhile, a large chunk of Trump supporters, 37-35 to be exact, said they felt the need for a white history month. Clinton voters opposed the idea by 8-77.

These findings were echoed in the Twittersphere, where users debated each other over the validity and necessity of a month solely dedicated to white history. Some argued for the need to balance Black History Month with a white history month while others cited the erasure of Black history as means for a month celebrating the contributions of Black people.

The discussion rages on.

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