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In Light of FBI Probe Into NCAA Violations, Stephen A. Smith Reminds Everyone of Lavar Ball

In wake of the college basketball scandal, an ongoing federal investigation reported by Yahoo Sports, details top players allegedly receiving benefits from NBA agents and college coaches. However, many are wondering how Lavar Ball looks amid corruption probe when he openly spoke about wanting to pay the basketball players.

Ball told ESPN at the time of the announcement last December, “This is giving guys a chance to get a jump start on their career, to be seen by pro scouts, and we’re going to pay them because someone has to pay these kids.”

Stephen A. Smith jumped right to the point and asked ESPN host Jeff Goodman, how Lavar Ball looks in the midst of the NCAA allegations after being called out for having the audacity to create a league that pays athletes.

“When somebody like Lavar Ball is called out by George Raveling, how ridiculous… Do others look right now in light of a controversy like this?”, Smith asked Goodman.

Goodman replied, “Lavar Ball maybe he made the right move here… He’s probably going to end up unscathed and the Ball family name will end up unscathed from all of this because of his decision to say no to all the shoe companies that were throwing a ton of money at him (Lonzo Ball).”

During December of 2017, Lavar Ball decided to withdraw his son Lonzo Ball from the basketball league which may have been one of the best decisions he made.

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