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Terry Crews Still Has To Pay Agency That Employs His ‘Molester’

Terry Crews discussed his lawsuit against his former manager at a recent Hollywood party. Crews revealed his disgust with still having to pay WME, the company that employs his alleged abuser.  “This is the deal. What’s so strange and crazy is that I’m still paying them. I go to work, and I still have to send a check to my molester.” Crews then said “This is Hollywood, it is insane. I look at my bank statement, and I’m like, ‘Damn, this is the most wrong thing of all time.’ I’m calling it, I’m going to play this whole thing out. If I don’t get justice, nobody can.”

The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor said Adam Venit groped him in front of his wife at a party in 2016. The unwanted sexual contact, Crews said, left him feeling emasculated. The charges “Everybody Hates Chris” actor filled against his ex-manager did result in Vient being temporarily suspended from WME. Vient also filed a formal denial in court earlier this month.


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