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Netflix’s Attempt to Ride the ‘Black Panther’ Wave Has Fans in a Tizzy


In an attempt to try to ride the “Black Panther” wave, Netflix was met with friction after it deemed star Chadwick Boseman a king and a young “Stranger Things” actress a queen.

Boseman posed alongside 14-year-old Mille Bobbie Brown, who plays Eleven/Jane on the hit Netflix show.

“A King meets a Queen at the Wakanda-Hawkins Exchange Program (class of 2018),” the streaming service captioned the photo, mentioning a fictional exchange student program.

While Boseman’s T’Challa/Black Panther is king of fictional African nation Wakanda in the Marvel film, Brown is simply a girl with extraordinary powers in fictional 1980s Hawkins, Indiana.

Pair that with the fact that Brown is barely in her teens and Boseman is 41-years-old, plus the insertion of the British actress into the “Black Panther” hype and commenters are displeased.

“Damn, Black people cant have anything, huh?” someone said.

Another echoed those sentiments. “Y’all can’t just let greatness live. S. M. H.”

“Um… y’all f—–‘ tried it 😒,” read a different comment. “#Unsubscribe let’s see how funny y’all think that slick s— is now.”

“Definitely not a queen,🤦🏾‍♀️” someone commented.


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