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Magic Johnson Stays Classy, Refuses to Throw LaVar Ball Under the Bus Despite His Recent Outburst 

Magic Johnson isn’t “admonishing” LaVar Ball this time. After the Los Angeles Lakers  President of Basketball Operations reportedly rung up an associate of Ball’s over remarks about the Laker’s head coach, Ball told TMZ photographers that he’s not afraid of Johnson.

“I ain’t never afraid of nothing,” Ball said Friday, Feb. 16. “I ain’t never afraid. I’m a big baller.”

The photogs also asked him about his previous statement that he’d pull oldest son Lonzo Ball from the Lakers if they didn’t sign the rookie’s brothers, LaMelo and LiAngelo.

“Man, who don’t want they [their] sons to play all on the same team?” Ball says. “Name one father who don’t want they [their] sons to play on the same team?”

Following a dinner with wife Cookie, Magic Johnson was asked about the outspoken basketball dad and him potentially pulling Lonzo from the team the same night.

“LaVar is a good guy,” Johnson said. “He’s trying to be a good father for his son, you know? I don’t even look at it like that. I don’t even take it like that, all right?”

As for potential NBA-level talent in the younger Ball brothers who are currently playing in a Lithuanian basketball league?

“We’ll see,” Johnson responds.

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