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Sammy Sosa Has Traded His Black Skin to Become a White Cowboy


Less than a year after his noticeably lighter skin sent Twitter users into a tizzy, Sammy Sosa has struck the same shock in the public once again. A photo surfaced over the weekend of Sosa celebrating his wife’s birthday at a cowboy-themed party. While the western costume is eye-catching, what most people focused on was Sosa’s complexion.

“Sammy Sosa outchea looking like a peppermint in the bottom of my purse,” one person tweeted of Sonia Sosa’s celebration picture.

Anyone who bleaches their skin to the level that Sammy Sosa has needs to know, you can ‘try to wash away your skin color,'” a person said. “But you can’t wash away the facts: You are Black. Self-hate is a monster!”

“Sammy Sosa really gave it all up to be a white man from San Antonio,” someone else said.

“The world deserves a ’30 for 30 on the last decade of Sammy Sosa’s life,” tweeted another.

The Dominican ex-MLB star has explained away his skin lightening in the past, telling Univision’s “Primer Impacto,” “it’s a cream that I have, that I use to soften [my skin], but [it] has bleached me some.”


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