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Photoshopped Beard on Barack Obama Has Twitter Going Crazy

Twitter has agreed that former President Barack Obama should grow a beard. A photoshopped picture of him went viral over the weekend.  The fake image shows Obama, who normally wears a clean-cut look, sporting a very realistic salt and pepper beard. Twitter erupted in reactions to a possible new look for President Obama.

The photoshopped beard looked so convincing, that people really thought it was Obama’s new look.

Some people were absolutely in love with the idea of Obama having a beard.

“So Barack Obama grew a beard now?? Hide your aunties and mothers…”

“You know what, even though this is photoshopped, I’m still posting the Obama beard picture in case anyone… needs it. Have a great day!

“This isn’t a real beard on Obama. But if he did grow it out Michelle ain’t about to let him leave the crib.”

“Bro why is Barack Obama out here looking like a whole snack with the beard I was not prepared brother.”



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