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Malcolm-Jamal Warner Shuts Down Omarosa’s Faulty Trump-Cosby Comparison: Bill Cosby Is Family

Former “Cosby Show” star Malcolm-Jamal Warner was not here for Omarosa Newman’s President Donald Trump and comedian Bill Cosby comparison. “She went into it with full knowledge”, he said.

On Thursday night’s episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” the former White House aide spoke out about her loyalty to the President. She revealed to actress Keisha Knight-Pulliam that her supporting Cosby during his sexual assault trial was no different than Newman’s sticking by Trump’s side in the midst of his presidency.

“I didn’t realize that by being loyal to him was going to make me lose a hundred other friends,” Omarosa stated. “When you’re in the middle of the hurricane it’s hard to see the destruction on the outer bands… You stuck strong by somebody who you have known and been loyal to… And people judged you for that… That’s the same thing with me and Mr. Trump”, Newman confessed to Knight.

However, Warner told TMZ the situation is completely different explaining that he and Knight grew up with Cosby and he was like a father figure.

“That’s family. Omarosa walked into a situation that we all saw… I think it’s hard to really compare the two”, added.

The actor also mentioned Newman made a conscious decision to affiliate herself with Trump despite his contentious remarks since taking office.

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