Don Lemon Bursts Into Laughter Discussing Omarosa’s Downfall

Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s return to reality television after less than a year at the White House really tickled Don Lemon last night Feb. 8 on his CNN show. Lemon couldn’t  get through introducing the topic of discussion before bursting into laughter at Omarosa’s misfortune. Commenter Symone Sanders told him “It is black history month Carter G. Woodson did not go to the mat to get Negro History week that eventually turned into Black History Month to talk about Omarosa on her apology tour… Not during Black History Month Don.”

Scott Jennings, a former special assistant to George W Bush, chimed in, “I’m not gonna defend the hiring of Omarosa, I will defend the firing of Omarosa, that was terrific!” He continued, “I am dismayed that someone is allowed to use a position of public trust to further enrich themselves. I think that devalues the office and it’s embarrassing.” Lemon quickly noted that Omarosa is not the only one to use their position to enrich themselves. Sanders shut Jennings up and added to Lemon’s comment doing a shady cough “the mooch (Anthony Scaramucci), Sean Spicer, every other white man who has been fired from the White House.”

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