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Terry Crews Asked to Drop Lawsuit Against Adam Venit to Avoid ‘Problems’

Terry Crews has starred in three “Expendable” films with the hopes of staring in part 4. According to a recent tweet by the actor, he’s being pressured to drop a sexual assault lawsuit to avoid future “problems” with the series.

Crews is currently suing WME agent Adam Venit for sexual assault. Venit allegedly inappropriately touched Crews back in 2016 at an event with his wife present. The former NFL player opened up about the assault back in November and is apparently running into issues since the revelation.

“The Everybody Hates Chris” actor fired off a tweet Saturday, Feb. 3 saying “management got a call last week from Avi Lerner producer of EXPENDABLES 4 saying I could avoid any “problems” on the sequel if I dropped my case against @WME.” Then he said “Guess who’s Sly’s (Sylvester Stallone) agent? ADAM VENIT.”

Sylvester Stallone has been a part of the “Expendables” franchise since the beginning and Adam Venit is also his agent, the man Crews accused of sexual assault. Production of “Expendables 4” stalled when Stallone and Lerner could not find “common ground on a new director…script…and certain elements of the film.” But then in January Stallone started posting messages on IG teasing an ‘Expendables 4.’

Crews implies Stallone and Lerner are trying to force his hand in dropping the charges against WME and if he doesn’t, he may face “problems” with the sequel.

Adam Venit still denies Terry Crew’s claims of sexual assault.


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