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Have You Heard: Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

  1. DMX is back in jail for failing a drug test. The rapper tested positive for opiates, cocaine and oxycodone. He was supposed to be in rehab while out on bail for his tax evasion case.
  2. FEMA will end distribution of food and water in Puerto Rice after only 4 months after the hurricane. Officials will give the remaining amount of supplies to the island’s government.
  3. The Congressional Black Caucus sat poker-faced during Trump’s first State of the Union address. A videographer captured a glimpse of theirĀ faces when Trump discussed the unemployment rate for African-Americans. They also wore traditional Kente Cloths to protest Trumps “sh*thole countries” comment.
  4. The women alleged to have had sexual relations with President Trump Stormy Daniels sat down with Jimmy Kimmel after the SOTU. Daniels says she didn’t have relations with Trump and that information didn’t come from her.
  5. According to the father of one of R.Kelly’s alleged victims, R.Kelly is getting away with having a sex cult because no one cares about underage black girls. He continues to say that if the victims were white girls the “12 Play” singer would’ve been arrested.

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