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5 Moments from the State of the Union Address That Had Folks Scratching Their Heads

President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address went off without a hitch, mostly. The Commander-in-Chief stuck to his script but his messages weren’t necessarily accurate. Below are some of the moments from Tuesday, Jan. 30 that had viewers baffled.

The Epic Typo on the Tickets

Before the address took place, tickets issued to several members of Congress referred to the “State of the Union” as “State of the Uniom.” The tickets were reportedly reprinted to correct the error.

Trump Claps to Cue Own Applause

Throughout his speech, Trump clapped directly into the microphone to urge others to clap along. The timing of his clapping made Twitter users take note of the president praising himself with applause.


Tuesday, Jan. 30

(Fox News screenshot)

Taking Credit for Lowered Black Unemployment 

Trump proudly declared, “African-American unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded.”

The remark caused the unamused-looking Congressional Black Caucus not to join in on the applause.

state of the union

The President Mispronounces “CJ”

When Trump began introducing a homeland security agent with the nickname  “CJ,” the president said “Celestino Martinez, he goes by DJ and CJ. He said call me either one. So we will call you CJ.”

The room erupted into laughter as Trump corrected himself.

state of the union

(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

His Compliment Toward ICE Officials

In a similar vein to when he said there was blame on “many sides” of the Charlottesville, Va., rally, Trump said Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who have been working to deport illegal immigrants thus separating them from their families were “Great, great people. These are great, great people, who work so hard in the midst of such danger.”

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