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Bill Maher: ‘Trump Loves to Pick Fights with Black People’

President Trump insists that he’s “not racist” and recently told a reporter that he’s the “least racist person” to be interviewed after his alleged “shithole comments.” Well, Bill Maher seems to think otherwise.

On Friday’s episode of “Real Time,” Maher pointed out Trump’s tweets tend to be directed towards Blacks. “Of all his myriad insanities, if I had to pick one line for his tombstone it would be, ‘Here Lies Donald Trump: Picked Fights With Black People,’” Maher jested.

“Is it just a coincidence that he’s perpetually pissed off at the NBA and NFL but golfers and hockey players never seem to bother him,” asked Maher after listing off the names of people Trump has beefed with over the past years.

Many people are also wondering why Trump hasn’t clapped back at Eminem after the rapper called him out last year at the BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Eminem’s anti-Trump freestyle at last year’s BET Hip-Hop awards had the internet buzzing and yet there was no response from Trump. The Grammy award-winning artist once again called out the president in a recent interview with Billboard. “A fucking turd would have been better as a president,” he told the music magazine. Adding,  “He made these people feel like he was really going to do something for them. It’s just so fucking disgusting how divisive his language is, the rhetoric, the Charlottesville shit, just watching it going, ‘I can’t believe he’s saying this.’”


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