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Viola Davis Glad Her Daughter Is In Karate: I Want Her to Kick Somebody’s A**.’

Award-winning actress Viola Davis stopped by Jimmy Kimmel to talk about the “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder” crossover episode. Davis explained her and Kerry Washington’s chemistry caused electricity. “Every time we touched it was static electricity… it was black girl magic on steroids.” Then she spoke about her daughter’s interests. She said her daughter was previously into cross country running but now she’s taking karate.

Davis loves that her daughter is taking karate but not for the reasons many may think.  “Listen I can do the politically correct thing and say she’s in it for the mental discipline,” explained the Oscar-winner. “But I wanted her to learn how to kick somebody’s a**.” Davis reiterates the point that women are not often told how to protect themselves. Now as a woman who assumably wasn’t taught to fight but still protects herself she said, “I walk around with my little pepper-spray.”

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