Mo’Nique to Charlamagne Giving Her Donkey of the Day: ‘Why Do You Have So Much Hatred Towards Black Women’

On Monday Jan.22, Charlamagne The God gave Mo’Nique ‘Donkey of the day’ for voicing her outrage and addressing her unfair offer pay from Netflix for the comedy special. When Charlamagne gave her the ‘Donkey of the day’ he said, “We understand she’s a legend, but we’re not just negotiating based off your old resume….your current market value.”

Mo’Nique responded when she went Live on Periscope Wednesday, Jan. 24, and said “This is the same brother that got on the elevator at the Mo’Nique show and was very respectful. As we were joking I told him ‘give yo mama a hug for me, cause she raised you right’ and then he looked at me and said, ‘yes ma’am’ and we had a beautiful moment.”  She continues, ‘To hear this young man call me a donkey of the day, I would say to him “why do you have so much hatred towards black women'”

“I just don’t understand how can say I was nice and respectful and give regard to my mom but then the sharp turn is ‘I hate black women’…just because I gave you ‘Donkey of the day,'” Charlamagne responded the following day.

“I have nothing but love and respect for Mo’Nique,” the DJ added, “but when it comes to this Netflix situation, my whole opinion on that situation is based strictly on analytics.”

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