Wendy Williams Explains Why She’s ‘Sick’ of the ‘Me Too’ Movement


Time’s up on the #MeToo movement, at least according to Wendy Williams. The talk show host is over the push for women to speak out against their sexual assaulters and explained why on her talk show Thursday.

Essentially, Williams believes the initiative automatically makes her see all men as sexual assaulters and harassers, something she says is unfair.

“I’m sick of this ‘Me Too’ movement,” Williams says Jan. 25. “I love that people are speaking up for the first time and speaking out and everything, but now it’s got … I look at all men like you’re a ‘Me Too,’ all of them, all of them, which is not fair.”

The movement was initially launched in 2007 by activist Tarana Burke to unify victims of sexual assault. When the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke in late 2017, actress Alyssa Milano shared her experience and rallied women to use #MeToo leading women to wrongly credit the “Charmed” star for the movement. Luckily, Black women gave credit where credit is due — to Burke.

The remark came 10 minutes after she addressed R. Kelly and two women who were upset about his career success despite accusations of sexual assault and abuse. In protest, the women have attempted to get his concerts canceled.

“See there [are] so many people that are like, ‘He didn’t do it,’ or whatever,” Williams says. “The ‘Me Too’ movement hasn’t affected R. Kelly, ’cause R. Kelly, he wasn’t a ‘Me Too.’ Aaliyah voluntarily married him when she was 15 years old. And her parents voluntarily let her do it when she was 15 years old. And that little girl that I saw with my own eyeballs that he urinated on and he had his way with, was there at his house, she let it go down.”

Williams further addressed the claims that surfaced last year saying Kelly had women holed up in his Atlanta and Chicago-area homes against their will.

“Where are their parents?” she wonders. “This is a whole different thing, it has nothing to do with ‘Me Too.’ R. Kelly is just a very very sick man.”


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