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Jesse Williams Accused of Violating Custody Agreement By Introducing Kids to Alleged Girlfriend ‘Mama C’

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New details have emerged in the messy divorce between actor Jesse Williams and his estranged wife Aryn Drake-Lee.

According to TMZ, through newly filed court documents, Drake-Lee claimed that her ex-has violated a custody agreement by introducing their two children, Sadie and Maceo, to his new girlfriend.

The agreement stated that neither party supposed to introduce the kids to any new partners for six months, and the actor has been accused of taking them to his mate’s house since October of 2017.

Drake-Lee also said Williams has been allowing the children to call his new girlfriend “Mama C,” and they all took a vacation together to Big Bear Mountain in California. The identity of the actor’s partner hasn’t been revealed yet, but many reports have stated it’s the actress Minka Kelly.

On top of that, Williams is being accused of bringing cupcakes to his daughter’s school to celebrate her fourth birthday, unbeknownst to his ex. The docs state the 36-year-old went against the school’s policy since administrators pick one day each month to celebrate all the kids who have birthdays at that time.

Drake-Lee also said that her daughter was in tears because she didn’t attend the party, which made things even worse.

But sources close to the situation say the mother-of-two is on a mission, to not only make Williams look like a villain but to make herself seem like the true victim, and she’s completely obsessed with it.

“It’s hard for people to feel sorry for [her] when they find out [she hasn’t] had a job in nearly a decade, blew a marriage with a successful, generous, happy man who just built [her] a new house, loves his kids and who pays [her] over $50K a month,” said the source

The insider also claimed that Drake-Lee’s plans to ruin Williams cost her some friendships.

“She’s driven most of her friends away by demanding they join her wild attacks on Jesse. Ninety-nine percent of them refused because they know the truth,” he or she said. “Jesse kills himself working for his community and to provide for his family.”

“Their real friends have seen Aryn’s toxic attitude rip away at that marriage for years,”  the source added. “Jesse tried really hard but eventually had to save himself and make a choice not to provide a bad example of a toxic relationship for his daughter. He’s never been happier. Aryn lost. All she has left is the remaining pieces of the lie, so she makes up new ones.”

Since the beginning of the divorce, many on the Internet have been trying to confirm whether Kelly is Williams’ new girlfriend or not, but both have kept extremely quiet. However, the actress did respond to one person, who asked if she was the reason Williams and Drake-Lee parted ways.

“I hope the cheating rumors aren’t true. It would be disappointing,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“They’re not,” Kelly replied. “Hate for you to be disappointed. Glad I could clear that up for you. Now f—k off.”

In addition, there have been reports that Williams and Kelly have already broken up, but that was quickly refuted by a Us Weekly insider. “Jesse and Minka took a few steps back because of the publicity,” claimed the source. “But they are still seeing each other.”

There are more rumors floating around Williams as well.

Earlier this month, he and some friends took a trip to Brazil, and the actor was seen with a woman named Ciarra Pardo, who’s Rihanna’s creative director. Of course, it didn’t take long for people to ask the Bronx-raised Pardo if she’s the “Mama C” in question, and she didn’t confirm or deny it.

In fact, she disabled the comment section of her social media page and shut down the possibility of anything more being asked. Sources, however, told TMZ that Williams and Ciarra have been friends for years but never hooked up. Drake-Lee knows her and though she claimed the kids began calling Ciarra “Mama C” in October, sources say the children have always called Ciarra “Mama C” or “Auntie C.” 

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Drake-Lee, a real estate broker, married Williams, who was a schoolteacher then, in 2012 after they met in New York City. The actor filed for divorce on April 11, 2017.

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