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The Sermon Ciara Posted Giving Women Marriage Advice Leads Loni Love to Blame Mass Incarceration

The online argument over a controversial sermon Ciara shared is showing no signs of slowing down. The singer posted a video Saturday, Jan. 20 featuring pastor John Gray giving advice to women hoping to marry.

“Too many women wanna be married but you’re walking in the spirit of a girlfriend,” he said. “When you carry yourself like a wife, a husband will find you. But if you keep walking like a girlfriend, boys will play with you.”

On “The Real” Monday, Jan. 22, Loni Love explained why that logic is flawed, blaming it on the men in the projects who she says are the victims of mass incarceration.

“Let’s tell the truth about why — I’m saying in the African-American community — why there is a shortage pool of available men,” Love says. “Why? Because of over-incarceration and the problem is that those are a lot of our brothers that we could be marrying. So when people look at that, if you’re growing up in the projects, there are not a lot of men. If those men are getting overly arrested they can’t get a job then that pool is … limited.”

“So we have to fix the root problem,” she continued. “The root problem is why aren’t there enough available men so that women can’t get married?”

Love added that people feel that Ciara lucked up with her Seattle Seahawks quarterback husband Russell Wilson because of their celebrity status. Meanwhile, people constantly at work or living in the projects, according to Love, can’t find a husband because Black men are being locked up for misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

While Loni’s take on the subject won applause from the audience, at-home viewers weren’t quite in agreeance.

“Lol. What,” one person tweeted.

Another commented on YouTube, “Loni, booboo, I love you but you totally missed the point of Ciara’s post and I’m not saying you’re lying but that wasn’t the point of her post.”

“I think Loni is completely missing the point,” wrote a separate viewer. “Just because there are guys around you incarcerated, doesn’t mean you can’t expand your horizons to find better men. It’s a big world out there. And Ciara’s post had nothing to do with men being incarcerated, it had to do with men treating their women like crap, and women needing to realize they deserve better.”


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