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Kevin McCall’s Message to Black Women: ‘Stop Putting This White Man and This Job Before Your Family’

Kevin McCall is dropping some knowledge about dating in the Black community and not everyone is pleased with it. The “Deuces” writer called out Black women for devoting time to their careers rather than their families. More specifically, he expressed concern with women “working for a corporation ran by white men as opposed to building with a Black-owned corporation or Black man.”

He described it as his “biggest concern with the Black community” because he has a Black mother.

“Women, y’all gotta stop putting this white man and this job before your family, before yourself, before your destiny and before your children,” he says. “And then you wonder why n—– can’t really rock with you like that. ‘Cause you tryna do our job.”

He went on to say the only reason why he’s making money is to support his partner and complained that he can’t get to know a woman if she’s off working. He also lamented the fact that his mother worked so much that she was never home.

“I hope my fianée don’t make that same mistake, ” he says.

In response, many women poked holes in McCall’s reasoning.

“This is interesting because in order to have the things I need, I HAVE to work,” one woman responded. “I work to pay phone, car note, food, and gas. Just because I work doesn’t mean I don’t love my family. And if I work at a white company, maybe I’m using that money to support Black businesses/people.”

“Now I been rocking wit u through all yo foolishness but yo ass done went too far,” another woman said, blasting McCall. “U deadass made a video dogging Black women saying they don’t support Black men. Where is the support botha???”

And the other responses weren’t any nicer.

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