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10 Most Successful Black Companies in the U.S. for 2014

10. SET Enterprises Inc.

The company started out as S.E.T. Steel back in 1989 after chairman Sid E. Taylor left a management position with General Motors. In 2001, S.E.T. Steel became SET Enterprises Inc. and one of the biggest metal-processing companies in the United States. The company is based in Warren, Michigan, and despite falling to the No. 10 spot from its ninth-ranked spot as the most successful Black company last year, SET Enterprises actually saw an increase in revenue this year, posting $390 million.


Radio One

9. Radio One Inc.

Despite the economic hardships that many radio broadcasters are facing, Maryland-based Radio One has managed to hang on tight to its success. The self-proclaimed urban media specialist now has holdings in television and digital media in addition to its popular radio stations and posted more than $448 million in revenue this year. 

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2 thoughts on “10 Most Successful Black Companies in the U.S. for 2014

  1. Amazing, AMAZING! This is what we should be researching and connecting ourselves with these companies, to gain employment or see how our businesses can work in line with each other.

  2. Tony Gray says:

    Good information! However, I'd like to know what these companies are doing regarding hiring & professionally developing black/african-american people. In other words, what is their commitment to growing our communities ecomomically? Do they donate/contribute to organization to help accomplish this goal? Do they have blacks in key decision-making positions? What is the racial makeup of their boards of directors. What is the ethnic & gender makeup of the top earners in their companies. Are these companies just made up of blacks at the top who make no real effort to improve our communities but for PR purposes. Now, that's something I'd like to see your organization investigate & report on. Let me know if you decide to pursue something like this; [email protected].

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