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White Utah Student Says She Was Just ‘Messing Around’ After Posting ‘Happy National N*gger Day’ Lynching Photo 

In southern Utah, two students of Hurricane High School posted a very disturbingly racist photo on Instagram. In the picture one of the students are pretending to hang herself with caption “Happy national n*gger day” on MLK Day. Steven Dunham, Director of Public Relations tells 2News that disciplinary action has been taken against these students but did not elaborate. Dunham did say, “We have a safe school’s policy and if they are not making other students feel safe in our own schools, in our own community, is significant in the punishments that they could face.”

The school district believes that the students took the picture at their job, a local pizzeria. Once their job found out about this offensive photo they were fired.

One of the students commented on the photo and said ‘I apologize if that picture offended anyone,’ she wrote. ‘i wasn’t doing it to target anyone or make anyone mad. i was messing around and i should have realized what i was doing. i’m sorry.’ She deleted her twitter account and made her Instagram private.

The people of the Hurricane community were outraged. One of the parent in the community said “It’s your perspective, your mind set on other races, that all starts completely at home with your parents, with your morals, with your believes. All of that starts at home.”

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